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  • IMMORTAL (52min Documentary)
    Writer & Director: Sonya Pemnberton / Producer: Tony Wright / Associate Producer: Matt Calissi
    The key to endless life has been discovered. The bad news is, it can kill you. Astonishingly, science has uncovered the key to unlimited life - and a secret of endless youth. Deep in the DNA of a humble pond creature an Australian-born scientist co-discovered an ‘immortalising’ enzyme, a chemical catalyst that can keep cells young, forever. In 2009 this discovery was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine. But, this is no simple ‘cure’ for ageing. For the same enzyme that fuels endless youth, also fuels cancer. IMMORTAL reveals the inner workings of this biological paradox and its remarkable impact on ageing, stress, disease and cancer. More information:

  • CATCHING CANCER (55min Documentary)
    Writer & Director: Sonya Pemnberton / Producer: Tony Wright / Associate Producer: Matt Calissi
    Can you catch cancer? The answer is yes, and no. Award winning film maker Sonya Pembertons fast paced documentary investigates this provocative and paradigm shifting idea, combining intimate personal stories and intriguing science, interviews with world experts, Nobel Laureates and virus hunters on the front line, to reveal how finding a hidden trigger such as a virus is not a reason to panic; its a reason to celebrate.
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  • OUT OF THE ASHES (55min Documentary)
    Writer & Director: Dione Gilmore / Producer: Tony Wright Stephen Amezdroz / Assistant Producer: Matt Calissi
    On the 7th of February 2009, devastating bushfires tore through Victoria, Australia. Swathes of prime forest were destroyed and it’s wildlife incinerated. But, against all odds, there were survivors of ‘Black Saturday’. Told in beautiful cinematography, this is the story of how Nature rose out of the ashes.

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  • The Extraordinary Tale Of William Buckley (55min Documentary)
    Writer & Director: Malcolm McDonald / Producer: Tony Wright & Stephen Amezdroz / Assistant Producer: Matt Calissi
    A dramatised documentary that tells one of Australia’s great untold stories. On a stifling hot Christmas Eve in 1803 William Buckley, an English 23 year-old court-martialled soldier, and three other convicts, transported to Australia on Victoria's first fleet, escaped the doomed settlement of Sorrento in Port Phillip. One is shot and dies, two others return. Buckley exhausted and near death took a spear from an Aboriginal grave to help him walk - the luckiest decision he ever made in his life... Thirty-two years later at 2 pm on Sunday, 6 July 1835, a giant of a man shambles into the camp recently established by John Batman at Indented Head near Geelong. This is his story. More info:

  • ALTER EGO (55min Documentary)
    Writer & Director: Shelley Matulick / Producer: Tony Wright / Associate Producer: Matt Calissi
    What would you choose to do if you had a second life where everything is possible?
    A 'challenged' muso takes his music out to the world, a wolf-man finds his pack, a 42-year-old woman lives her life as a child, a mother of three makes a new perfect virtual family and a grandma becomes a supermodel. What sort of world is this? As the popularity of virtual worlds explode Alter Ego weaves in and out of both the real and virtual lives of a cast of fascinating characters in the virtual world of Second Life - a world that gives people a platform to explore their darkest desires. More information:

  • Underwater
    Amazing and wonderful underwater creatures that can be seen by visiting the Melbourne Aquarium

  • Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) is East Africa’s largest film, music and arts festival, bringing new talents together from all over the world. Each year, some of the most captivating and cutting-edge cinema from Africa and beyond is screened in venues across the island. From world-premiers to local shorts, we've got it all, with a long history of showcasing the highest quality film.

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  • Sauti za Busara (Sounds of Wisdom) music festival, centred in Zanzibar’s historic Stone Town, features a dynamic variety of African music with more than four hundred musicians participating over five days. Every year during February the ancient walls of the Old Fort resonate as people come together in celebration. The festival is supplemented with fringe events in town and across the island including a carnival street parade.

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